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Working with an assessment specialist provides our clients with a valuable entryway into our available services. Under the umbrella of The Costello Center, our assessment specialists help us give you the most accurate guidance regarding the best ways in which we can help meet your unique needs.

The Optimal Assessments team provides a unique ability to identify problems at their source, thus allowing treating psychiatrists, counselors and coaches to accomplish a faster, more accurate diagnosis and formulate a precisely targeted treatment regimen.

To administer our assessments, we have carefully selected the most highly qualified specialists, each of whom has comprehensive training and experience in evaluation administration. These individuals possess extensive knowledge that enables them to select from an available array of assessment models designed specifically to meet an exact set of criteria and provide a valuable tool for measuring the strengths and needs of an individual.

Our evaluation instruments are particularly beneficial in the early stages of treatment, as they provide us with a positive direction to determine the most effective course of action for dealing with educational, emotional and career decisions. These tools can be used to assist clients, old and new.

We are committed to delivering services in an atmosphere of caring and compassion with an unwavering commitment to client confidentiality, ethical behavior, and the highest standards of counseling practice.

The Costello Center team is excited to continue our commitment to excellence with the addition of our Optimal Assessments specialists



Optimal Assessments
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