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    Whether you are considering a complete career change or potential career advancement, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary information to create the best opportunity for success. Your existing skill set may be adequate for your current position, but what about the future?
  • Does your prospective profession require additional knowledge and training?
  • Will a career progression necessitate additional qualifications, dexterity or comprehension?
    Current career assessment tools are a vast improvement over conventional appraisals of the past. It is now possible to evaluate your existing skills, interests and knowledge and to examine those parameters in relationship to your target objective and future progressions.

    If your existing position is unsatisfactory or unfulfilling, we can advise and determine career opportunities that are more suited to your personality, knowledge and skill set. At Optimal Assessments, we can assist you by:.
  • Precisely identifying what level of education and ability is required for you to achieve and be successful in your considered occupation or progression
  • Advising you on a course to obtain knowledge, and achieve your ambition, even if you do not currently have the exact qualifications for the career you desire
  • Correlating your education and learning profile to the requirements of your planned career change and counseling you regarding the steps to consider
  • Comparing your personality and interest profile and suggesting behavior modifications that will make interaction with your potential position and your prospective colleagues less confrontational

While we cannot make your career decisions for you, Optimal Assessments provide constructive guidance so that your choice of career, and your ability to succeed, is channeled in a productive and positive direction.

Please call 727.345.2667 to schedule an exploratory appointment and start your journey towards your optimal career!

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