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Educational assessments provide clarification of an individual’s ability to absorb, disseminate, and process learning and information. When a child struggles in school, it is often an external influence, rather than aptitude or ability, that is causing difficulties or frustration. Students that may seem to lack the ability to learn may, in fact, simply have an unidentified mental, emotional, or physical distraction.

Educational testing can identify, in quantifiable terms, the measure of knowledge retention, skill adaptability, attitude acceptance, and the self-belief the individual.

Without a thorough and professional evaluation it is easy to misdiagnose learning difficulties due to complex interactions. This can be confusing to students, parents and educators. It is important to clearly ascertain a student’s weakness and potential before recommending a regimen of therapy or intervention. Doing so helps students, parents, and educators identify the right path, and saves precious time on what could potentially be ineffective remedies.

While many conditions can benefit from medication, physicians most often require a comprehensive assessment prior to issuing a prescription. Additionally, educational establishments that have specific programs for students with academic challenges generally require a completely documented educational assessment dated no more than 3 years prior to applying for accommodations.

    From a comprehensive assessment it is possible to conclude important information, including:
  • A student’s overall ability
  • The aptitude for learning, or to begin the learning process
  • The capacity to assimilate and process knowledge
  • The emotional issues and external pressures that may disrupt learning progression
In addition, an assessment can highlight specific problematical tracts that may impede the ability to learn: vision, hearing, processing deficiency, and deficits in attention span.

Once a comprehensive assessment has been completed, as well as checked and verified, appropriate recommendations can be made, as required, to students, parents, educators, and physicians. On agreement, the recommended regimen of therapy, medication, and targeted instruction can be facilitated and monitored.

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