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Emotional problems such as anxiety, mood imbalance, and depression have a dramatic impact on us, even when they go undetected. These issues can affect our perception, relationships with others, the way we evaluate situations, and how we tackle everyday tasks. No matter how mild or severe, these and many other “psychiatric problems” can be accurately diagnosed with Emotional Testing techniques.

Emotional Testing is a process that can be used with individuals of all ages. It allows for a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, and assesses the way in which that person approaches decision-making. Additionally, emotional testing provides insight into emotional and behavioral problems.

Although a one-size-fits-all program cannot be used to evaluate all emotional problems, experts have devised a comprehensive array of assessments, which can be tailored to the needs of each individual. At Optimal Assessments, these evaluations are administered by highly-qualified counselors, who have received special training and certification in order to perform emotional testing services. Using their expertise, our counselors provide assessments, which are specifically designed to address the needs of a particular person.

To ensure an extra measure of accuracy for our clients, all conclusions are audited by an independent specialist after the assessment is complete. Using these confirmed conclusions, we are able to recommend the best and most effective treatment options. This may include: cognitive-behavior therapy, behavior modification therapy, managing skills development, individual, couples and family therapy, interpersonal therapy, play therapy, bio-feedback, neurofeedback and parental guidance instruction.

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